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FREE Zappit™ System Cleaner by Cloudeight
The Safe, Fun, Easy Way To Clean Your Computer
Powerful enough for advanced users too!
Works with Widows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64bit)

Zappit System Cleaner is FREE!

Zappit System Cleaner - FREEWARE to Clean Up and Speed Up your Computer!

Safe easy way to clean Windows, Internet Tracks, free up hard-disk space and optimize your system. A clean computer runs better and faster and Zappit makes it easy to clean temporary and unused files in just a few seconds with no need to worry about deleting the "wrong" files. Includes a Start-Up Manager and a Favorites & Start Menu Manager.  Safe Mode Option for new users and Advanced option for power users.

You have the Cloudeight Promise of NO Adware, Spyware, Badware or Adware!


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Zappit Cleans all the following:

Windows Tracks: Recycle Bins, Clipboard Data, Temporary and log files, Recent Documents, Explorer Registry Streams, and Search, Run, and Wallpaper History, and more!

Program Files: Cleans files left over and no longer needed after using Media Player, Paint, Wordpad, Adobe Reader and others.

Internet Explorer: Temporary files, Address Bar and URL History, AutoComplete Form Data, Cookies, File and Folder History

Opera: History, Download History, Cookies and Temp files

Firefox:  History, Temp files, Cookies and Saved Passes and Log in Names


Zappit includes more features such as:

Startup Manager: Makes it easy for you to control many of the programs that automatically start with Windows.

Favorites Manager: You can sort your Favorites and Windows Start Menu entries alphabetically, and you have option to arrange Favorites Folder Manually too. Even sorts Sub-Folders in the Start Menu!

For a complete list of Zappit features please click here.

General Cleanup Features

  • Safe Mode Cleaner: Deletes only "safe to remove" files, folders and settings such as cookies, temp files, recycle bin and more. Perfect for the beginner or intermediate user!  Just click "Start Cleanup" in Safe Mode, and Zappit will automatically clean!

  • Advanced Mode: Gives you full access to cleanup options and can remove a wider range of files, folders, and settings.  Cleans Windows Tracks such as clipboard data, temp folders, recent documents list, search history, run history and more!  Cleans Internet Tracks from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox! Address bar history, cookies, offline web pages, and more options to choose from!  Cleans Program Files and even allows you to add custom tasks!

  • Set it and Forget it: Use the Schedule Wizard to perform system cleanup automatically. Set the time you want this done, and the tasks and features you want to use!

  • Increase your privacy by erasing your Internet tracks!

More then just a cleaner, Zappit offers many Bonus Features!

  • Sort your Favorites automatically or manually

  • Sort your Windows Start Menu alphabetically. Even sorts sub-folders in the start menu.

  • Control the programs that start up with windows using the Zappit Startup Manager

  • Removes junk, temporary, and other useless files that can clog up and slow down your computer

  • Fun, fast, and easy to use - Beginners will find it a snap to use. Advanced users will find Zappit's advanced setting provide powerful, customizable, program controls.

  • As with all Cloudeight software: There is no adware, spyware, browser/home page hijackers, or other programs installed when you download and install Zappit. You get Zappit - period! We guarantee Zappit is safe and effective.

Zappit System Cleaner is FREE!


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System Requirements: Zappit is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or SP2, and Windows Vista, Windows 7  32bit / 64bit. You must have at least 64 Mb of RAM installed for Windows 98/2000/ME/NT. If using Windows XP we do recommend at least 128MB  of RAM (256 is HIGHLY SUGGESTED);  Windows Vista requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM. Zappit is copyright ©2005-2011 by Cloudeight Internet LLC (all rights reserved). Zappit™ is a trademark of Cloudeight Internet LLC.


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